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Thank you notes from our patients

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"Dr. Zemelman is the most caring dentist I have ever met, attention to every detail. He is very knowledgeable on the latest technology and tools in the dental industry. Only the best for his patients from simple procedures like maintenance cleaning to complex dental procedures. The office is equipped with the best and most advanced dental equipments. I felt very comfortable during my procedures and confident of Dr. Zemelman's approach to my treatment."

-Helena Trent, Denver, CO

"I've been coming to Dr. Zemelman's office for the past 12 years. I've mainly come for semi-yearly check-ups and to get fillings for cavities. While going to a dentist's office is usually not considered a pleasant experience I have had no problems with here. The staff is very helpful and pleasant. Also, the wait time when in the office is usually very short. I would highly recommend Dr. Zemelman to anyone looking for a dentist."

-Patricia Liu, New York , N.Y.

"I’ve been a patient of Dr. Michael Zemelman ever since he opened his office in battery park more than 20 years ago. In his words I was a "full mouth reconstruction case". He did everything from sugeries to redo an old bad root canal to wisdom tooth extractions to porclain veneers... He gave me a Million Dollar Smile. A year ago I was in a car accident where I lost several front teeth. Today you would'nt even know it. After he did several root canals and crowns and several implants .....I have my Million Dollar Smile again. Thank you Dr. Zemelman.... You are the best!!"

-Diana Agatstein, New York, N.Y.

manhattan brooklyn dentist

"I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Zemelman for 3 years. His exceptional care has made a world of differnce in terms of my dental health and my peace of mind. He has high expertise and a caring approach. Dr. Zemelman has an outstanding staff who is always there to help you. Cleanings that I get are the best ever! My whole family now goes to Dr. Zemelman. And we are so very lucky to have found him."

-Frances Yeager, New York, N.Y.

manhattan brooklyn dentist

"I am a physician, and have been a patient of Dr. Zemelman for the past five years. I’ve always had problems with my teeth, and had extensive work done by Dr. Z – several fillings, root canals followed by crowns, and extractions followed by titanium implants. He is truly a man with the golden hands: painless, attentive and precise – absolutely top-notch. His staff is attentive and very caring. I have been going to dentists since childhood, and this is the best in my entire life. Very happy I met Dr. Zemelman!"

- Alexander Elder, MD, New York, N.Y.

manhattan brooklyn dentist

"Dr. Zemelman is the best dentist I've ever seen. I've been his patient for 20 years. 15 years ago we moved to New Jersey, but Dr. Zemelman is my one and only dentist for now. His staff is very friendly, they treat me like a good friend. I've been sending to his office a lot of patients and no one is unhappy. Few people went to different dentists but they are back to Dr. Zemelman. I recommend Dr. Z to anyone".

-Tamara L., New Jersey

manhattan brooklyn dentist

"I needed two root canals when I went to Dr. Zemelman. I felt no pain - couldn't be happier with this experience. Best dentist I’ve had yet. Really appreciated the follow-up phone call as well."

-Justin C., New York, N.Y.